More Rumors Amazon Could Accept Bitcoin as All Eyes on Conference Call


Further rumors appear that Amazon will announce the innovations connected with bitcoin on Thursday as the German newspaper fuels speculation.
In article on Tuesday, Die Welt has revealed that the fintech sources in Silicon Valley repeated the previous hints from the investor James Altuker that the global giant could unite bitcoin as payment option soon.

“Even if the Oct. 26 date is not set in stone, Bitcoin introduction should probably be expected soon,” Die Welt writes.

However official representatives of Amazon have reacted to this statement is quite constrained and have submitted to readers almost nothing the clearing-up short comment:

“(Amazon) opts to include new products or services only when these are useful for our customers – until that point, we do not engage in rough speculation.”

And meanwhile, It should be noted that one of the main competitors of Amazon, Overstock has begun to accept bitcoin in 2013. While multiple other midsize operators have since engaged with Bitcoin, Amazon’s participation would still be a first-of-its-kind move.
Unfortunately, right now it is possible to make purchase on Amazon in bitcoins only through certain intermediaries who sell gift cards for bitcoins.

Polli Bormotova

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